Server 2012 Remote Desktop licenses

I recently ran into a problem where an agency I help purchased some remote desktop licenses from Techsoup. After going through the usual process with the Microsoft Volume Licensing Center no keys were available to do the activation on the server. After much head scratching I found a forum post at Spiceworks that had directions. It’s a bit different that the usual volume license process so I’ll post it below.

f you’ve already set up your licencing server, which you most likely have:

  1. Go into Server Manager
  2. Select Remote Desktop Services
  3. (wait for everything to Load) Click Servers
  4. Right click on the server that you assigned as license manager >Select RD Licensing Manager
  5. Right click on the server listed on the right > Install Licenses
  6. Click Next > Under license program, select Open License > Click Next
  7. Paste / Type in your Authorization number and license number. > Click Next
  8. Select the Product you want to activate and the number of licenses you want to activate.
  9. Finish nexting through that and you’re done.

So to sum things up, instead of getting a license key from the VLSC, you use the Authorization number and license number. Weird.

Catching up

Well, I’ve let this blog go long enough and it’s time to get back at it. The last year has been kinda crazy and I’ve had plenty of things come up that would have made for great blog posts but never really had time to put them together. In the near future I hope to give you my thoughts on the sophos sg210 utm device. I’ve been using one for a while now and am not really crazy about it, but more on that later. I’m also moving to a new email encryption platform for google apps called virtru, and I’ll be letting you know how that’s going in the near future.