WordPerfect 11 won’t save in Windows 7 and up

So you have that one user that loves WordPerfect 11 and just can’t live without it. You swap out their machine for nice new Windows 10 box only to find that their favorite app, WP11 in this case, just refuses to save anything once you get it installed. Now I know, it’s really not compatible with Windows 7 and newer operating systems, but can you get it to work without using XP mode? The answer is yes! Simply navigate to the C:/Program Files (x86)/WordPerfect Office 11/Programs/ folder, then locate the PerfectFit Document Management¬†folder and change the name of it to something like “XXPerfectFit Document Management“. ¬†The next time you open WP11 you’ll be saving documents like its 2004 again.